There are many needs in our society which require the generosity of citizens and corporations, such as disadvantaged children, protection of cultural heritage, or promotion of fundamental rights. These are the three principal areas the Fund works in.

In addition to funding out of its own means, donations are always helpful to increase its capabilities to support projects in these areas, in both Europe and Africa.

Project proposals are welcome according to the selected priority.

Logo Schepers-Lijnen
(by Karin Duiker, © Etoile d’infinité, based on a ‘passus’, a medieval symbol of eternity)

How can one express gratitude for the love and encouragement received from one’s parents? In many ways, for sure. But there comes a time when Alighieri Dante’s observation, in The Inferno, becomes true: ‘There is no greater pain than to remember in bad days, how happy life was in good days’.

Since the earliest civilisations, art has become one way to remember those admired or loved, or both. Keeping their ideals alive is fundamental to remembering. The world which they enjoyed and to which they made their contributions benefits considerably.

Therefore we drew on the opportunity offered by the King Baudouin Foundation of Belgium to establish a permanent Fund which we named after our parents, Joseph Schepers (1922-1962) and Germaine Lijnen (1921 - 2015). 

Afbeelding Joseph Schepers
Joseph Schepers
(by Jozef Tysmans, © private collection)
Foto Germaine Lijnen
Germaine Lijnen
(by Malou Swinnen,© private collection)